Product Pipeline

Test for Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Arphion’s Flagship product will be a diagnostic test for the early detection of OSCC, one of the most devastating forms of oral cancer. If diagnosed early, OSCC is readily curable. Unfortunately, most cancers are detection late because of the inefficiencies of getting oral biopsies. The Arphion test will be a simple, noninvasive, and inexpensive method that will achieve a level of accuracy that parallels or betters surgical biopsy. The initial gene classifiers have already been developed and are now being improved. We expect development of the prototype test within 12-18 months.

Test for Oral Lichen Planus

With a quicker time to development, Arphion’s first product will be a diagnostic test for Oral Lichen Planus, the most common benign white oral lesion. OLP is readily treatable with steroids, however it can be difficult to distinguish from certain forms of cancer. If not properly diagnosed, steroid treatment could potentially stimulate cancer cells and so therefore is usually left untreated. OLP may eventually heal on its own but can frequently occur again. The Arphion test will be able to distinguish OLP from cancer and other benign lesions. The test is in the final stages of prototype development and testing.

Follow-On Diagnostics

Follow-on Arphion products will include tests for other oral diseases. Arphion’s Oral Health diagnostic products will be sold in the United States and internationally to various dental offices, clinics, hospitals, public health organizations, distributors, and other customers.